The Long Ride is more than 500kms and many days on the back of a motorcycle travelling with groups of other riders across the Australian countryside.


It’s all in the name of raising much needed awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer. And, of course, doing something different, adventurous and fulfilling with your life.

In 2016 the event will travel through rural Australia, from all states and territories and take in the incredible Nullarbor. Many iconic towns are on the itinerary including Broken Hill, Port Augusta, Ceduna and Albany.

The Long Ride was introduced in 2007 in support of the Royal Flying Doctor Service Australia. The inaugural event raised in excess of $50,000 and had a contingent of more than 300 riders involved at any one stage.

By 2010, the Long Ride had become the biggest event of its type in the Southern Hemisphere and by 2014, there were riders from Germany, USA and Hong Kong.

In 2016 LMP is proudly supporting friend and client Leigh Gesthuizen in his fundraising efforts for The Long Ride. Leigh is aiming to raise $10,000.

Leigh says:

“I am inspired by both my father and father in law, as both have been battling prostate cancer for several years now. Every day I learn more about this type of cancer and apart from the physical changes I have seen with my father, I see, feel and hear the impact of: treatments, questions, lack of answers, confusion, combined with the emotions of denial, acceptance and where to from here.

Seeing it change how we communicate, express ourselves and how we support everyone involved and affected creates an interesting dynamic emotional rollercoaster ride.

So; I am doing this for my father who would love to do it if he could and my father in law. Both of them have supported me in difficult times without question or doubt. Seeing the glint in my father’s eyes when I told him and seeing my farther in law jump on board with moral and social support. (They both think I am crazy, but seeing the smiles and having something else to think about makes it worthwhile.)

I am raising money for the cause with a focus on increasing awareness. The more we share our stories, the more we find out about other people who have also been affected and it is surprising how much we hide inside our heads, too afraid to say what we need to say. We all need to Be open, be authentic and be involved.

I have never met any of the people who are doing this ride, nor ever ridden so far in one day. So, I am facing some challenges for myself. What motivates me is that the challenges I will face are minor compared to what I have seen my families face and continue to face on a daily basis”.

To support Leigh in his fundraising efforts simply go to: