LMP are once again excited be supporting the Ultimate Treadmill Challenge in 2016!

The Ultimate Treadmill Challenge started in 2007 when Jane Kilkenny started with 6 treadmills and a dream to raise money for charity. The event sees the treadmills running constantly for 24 hours. It’s a simple concept – it’s about making a commitment to make this world a better place and to show that anyone can make a contribution, no matter how small. Since then the annual event has raised over $209,000 and in 2016 all funds raised will go to the Starlight Foundation in Victoria.

LMP previously sponsored the Ultimate Treadmill Challenge in 2014 and this year have thrown out the challenge to all staff to raise money and come along and spend some time on our treadmill over the 24 hours of the event. Each person involved can spend an hour or 24…it’s up to them. But every contribution counts. And you can contribute too by sponsoring a participant, the event, or registering on the website to spend some time on a treadmill.

The Ultimate Treadmill Challenge is happening on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th September at Westfield Doncaster.

Our directors and staff have taken up the challenge – so will you?

For more information and to donate you can visit http://ultimatetreadmillchallenge.com/index.html

We look forward to seeing you there!